As a full-service real estate company, Meridian’s mission is to provide our investors with products and advisory services that generate excellent returns while mitigating the common risks and challenges in real estate. We are constantly working to better inform and our investors. We hope the video selection below provides you key insights into our approach and a perspective of current investment opportunities.

New home sales perspective

Should investors be wary due to slowing new home sales? Kevin and Brian provide the Meridian perspective and the effects to the economy.

The heart of Meridian

Take a minute to hear the foundation of why Meridian started and what problems Meridian seeks to solve for our investors.

How will the market slowdown impact real estate investing?

Hear Kevin’s perspective and insights on the recession recovery and current market conditions and how that will impact the real estate investment market.

Millennial impact in the rental market

What impact does the millennial generation have on the future of real estate investing?

Meridian’s perspective on REITs (real estate investment trust)

Hear Kevin discuss Meridian’s perspective on REITs as well as some advantages and disadvantages.

REIT vs. Purchasing single family

Hear Meridian’s framework to make a good decision on where and how to invest.