Investment Strategy Insights

Are We in a Second Housing Bubble?

Recently, many potential investors have voiced their suspicion that real estate prices are not recovering but rather a second bubble— potentially as bad as the first.

Some have expressed fears that the investors have created a false high in real estate values— one that will eventually collapse when homeowners return. Although people […]

Now: Why Cash Flow Real Estate is the Opportunity of Today

The last two years have been an exceptional time for real estate investors; interest rates have been artificially low thanks to Federal efforts to spur the economy and the housing market.. Low interest rates have created a big opportunity for individuals to come in and purchase quality investment properties for […]

Cash vs Leverage Real Estate Investing

Cash vs Leverage Real Estate Investing

We are often asked by clients which is a better investment option, taking their $100K and buying one home all cash or getting leverage with a financed transaction?

Below is a breakdown of $100,000 used as either an all cash purchase or as 4 leveraged purchases.

For […]