305 – Asset Protection

How Should Baby Boomers Invest?

Many baby boomers face a serious problem: they are on the edge of retirement without a plan for structuring their post-career financial picture. They realize they face a future of living without a paycheck, and they are worried that without careful planning, they will lose what accumulated assets they’ve managed to save over the years. So what should they invest in?

Avoid The 1031 Exchange “Boot” Tax Hit

Jane is selling a a commercial property and exchanging it for a less expensive property with a higher cap rate. She realizes she has a "boot" of $1M. How does she avoid paying capital gains tax? Read Jane's case study.

President’s Tax Proposal Impacts Cash Flow Real Estate

The dramatic return difference between dividend-producing stocks and cash flow real estate makes cash flow real estate very compelling. It will become even more so if the president’s latest budget proposal becomes law. I expect the looming law changes will cause cash flow real estate to become a more mainstream investment for millions of Americans.

Time to Re-balance your Portfolio?

Adding additional positive cash flow real estate assets to an investment or retirement portfolio can both stabilize volatility and significantly affect returns. Opportune times for adding real estate include; when downsizing (using leftover equity for a 1031 exchange), upon retirement (as an alternative investment for a lump sum cash out), or after receiving an inheritance (where the goal is to preserve capital and maximize annual cap rate).

Wall Street and DC turn to Main Street

Solving the glut in foreclosed homes is one of the keys to economic recovery. Even Wall Street and the government are getting in to the game. If done correctly with a trusted team of professionals, real estate is the only investment class I know of currently that can offer 8-12% returns with little volatility and risk.