304 – Case Studies

Millennial Tenants – Your New Renters

Millennial tentants are the future of real estate turnkey investment. Real estate investors interested in creating a long-term cash flow opportunity should take advantage of the 2013 recovery and generation of expectant Millennials looking to finally establish a life— and home— of their own.

Real Estate Investing, Not IRA Spend Down Plans

When it comes to retirement, spend down distribution plans are not always the way to go. Alternately, investing in low risk, positive cash flow properties can offer preservation of capital, a hedge against inflation, and ways to pass income producing assets to your beneficiaries.

Student Investing 101

How can a young college student with money in a savings account fast track to a season investor? With good advice, and a trusted team, it is easier than you may think to get started. Here's a story from a young USC senior with two investment properties of her own.

Avoid The 1031 Exchange “Boot” Tax Hit

Jane is selling a a commercial property and exchanging it for a less expensive property with a higher cap rate. She realizes she has a "boot" of $1M. How does she avoid paying capital gains tax? Read Jane's case study.

The Dark Side of Real Estate – Part Two

Several clients have contacted me over the last few days to discuss a recent article about investors picking up homes "by the dozen." People are really intrigued by the idea of picking up $500 houses. What could go wrong?