303 – Tax Strategies

How to Harvest Equity in California Real Estate Through 1031 Exchange

A 1031 exchange offers investors the opportunity to defer their capital gains tax obligations when they sell properties for a profit, under certain conditions. In essence, a 1031 exchange allows real estate owners to swap one investment property for another in order to defer any taxes which come due as […]

Avoid The 1031 Exchange “Boot” Tax Hit

Jane is selling a a commercial property and exchanging it for a less expensive property with a higher cap rate. She realizes she has a "boot" of $1M. How does she avoid paying capital gains tax? Read Jane's case study.

President’s Tax Proposal Impacts Cash Flow Real Estate

The dramatic return difference between dividend-producing stocks and cash flow real estate makes cash flow real estate very compelling. It will become even more so if the president’s latest budget proposal becomes law. I expect the looming law changes will cause cash flow real estate to become a more mainstream investment for millions of Americans.

Considering a 1031 Exchange? Now is the Time

Now is an ideal time for eligible investors to build long-term wealth and capitalize on current market conditions. 1031 exchanges are a great tool to dispose of under-performing assets and replace them with high cash flow properties. This article explains the process and the best areas to invest.

Lower Tax Bill = Higher Returns

During a time of stock market volatility, having some control in returns is another advantage of real estate as an alternate investment class. With investment properties a successful tax appeal may in some cases may increase the return by 1 or 2% and substantially increase cash flow by several hundred dollars a year.