302 – Retirement

How Should Baby Boomers Invest?

Many baby boomers face a serious problem: they are on the edge of retirement without a plan for structuring their post-career financial picture. They realize they face a future of living without a paycheck, and they are worried that without careful planning, they will lose what accumulated assets they’ve managed to save over the years. So what should they invest in?

Real Estate 2013 Investment Outlook

To start 2013, all predictive indicators show that we have passed the bottom of the real estate cycle, and have turned the corner toward a buyers’ market. Investors who have been waiting to time the market are currently poised to capitalize on one of the best acquisition opportunities we have seen.

Real Estate Investing, Not IRA Spend Down Plans

When it comes to retirement, spend down distribution plans are not always the way to go. Alternately, investing in low risk, positive cash flow properties can offer preservation of capital, a hedge against inflation, and ways to pass income producing assets to your beneficiaries.

Avoid The 1031 Exchange “Boot” Tax Hit

Jane is selling a a commercial property and exchanging it for a less expensive property with a higher cap rate. She realizes she has a "boot" of $1M. How does she avoid paying capital gains tax? Read Jane's case study.

Increasing Income with Lower Interest Rates

What if low interest rates could actually boost one’s investment returns instead of lower them? As some out-of-the-box thinkers have discovered, properly chosen cash flow real estate investments can produce 10-13% returns even when interest rates fall.