301 – Property Management

Property Management and Investment Asset Protection

An investor who buys an alternative investment like a rental is looking for steady cash flow—The solution to a successful investment experience involves a simple but important element: a capable property management team. Here are three initial ways to screen for a good property management team.

Four Key Factors for Quality Property Management

Finding a quality property management company can be tough but it could also mean the difference between superior cash flow and a management mishap. Here's a simple checklist for investors to consider when researching property management companies for their investment income properties.

Real Estate Investing in College Towns – Things to Consider

Does higher education equal a smart choice? Consider these five important factors to consider before investing in college towns. These include rent ratio, tenant selection, location, vacancy, and property management.

Property Management – Are You in Good Hands?

These three key factors can make a difference in your investment property returns, especially when you invest out of state (where the cash flow is often best).

The Evolution of a Property Management Company

Has your Management Company Evolved? Or are you dealing with a Neanderthal Management Company? Examine why management gets worse as homes prices get cheaper.