204 – Return Analysis

Investment Real Estate Better than Stocks?

Warren Buffet said he'd buy up " a couple of hundred thousand" single family homes if it were practical to do so. He went on to say that this is a long term strategy. The idea is to purchase with a 30 year mortgage with low rates and to refinance (if rates go down). Why all the press?

President’s Tax Proposal Impacts Cash Flow Real Estate

The dramatic return difference between dividend-producing stocks and cash flow real estate makes cash flow real estate very compelling. It will become even more so if the president’s latest budget proposal becomes law. I expect the looming law changes will cause cash flow real estate to become a more mainstream investment for millions of Americans.

529 Plans Fall Short

According to fund-researcher Morningstar, the average 529 plan fell 9.5% in the third quarter of 2011 and is down nearly 6% for through Sep 30th. So what are parents to do?

Risky Business – Five Factors to Mitigate

Investing in all forms entails a certain amount of risk, and it is well known to investors that investments that have more risk associated with them tend to yield greater returns. The challenge---and the opportunity--- is to mitigate risk through knowledge and managing those risks that are controllable.

When a Vacancy is more than just a Vacancy

It is easy to see that for an investor the only case worse than a vacant property is one that has a tenant but is not paying. To dig deeper into the concept of vacancy we examine an aspect that many investors can overlook, economic vacancy.