202 – City Analysis

Real Estate Investing in College Towns – Things to Consider

Does higher education equal a smart choice? Consider these five important factors to consider before investing in college towns. These include rent ratio, tenant selection, location, vacancy, and property management.

17 Million Reasons I Invest in Memphis

This year 17 million packages will pass through the five football field sized SmartPost hub. And those 17 million packages help support a stable, logistics-based economy, that ensures good jobs, and a strong investment property rental market.

How to Select an Investment Neighborhood

Once an investor has selected a market, the next step is to look deeper at the specific neighborhoods within that city. Having a very specific criteria for choosing investment neighborhoods is vital to an investors success and ability to capitalize on returns and minimize risk.

How to find the “Sweet Spot”

In any given real estate market there as many bad deals as there are good. When shifting through this vast selection of potential opportunities it is important for an investor to be able to find what segment of this inventory will provide the best candidate for their portfolio.