201 – Market Analysis

Investment Real Estate Partners – How to Find Them

For successful investing, you need strong investment real estate partners. For people who work full time, this can be a time consuming process.

Millennial Tenants – Your New Renters

Millennial tentants are the future of real estate turnkey investment. Real estate investors interested in creating a long-term cash flow opportunity should take advantage of the 2013 recovery and generation of expectant Millennials looking to finally establish a life— and home— of their own.

How Should Baby Boomers Invest?

Many baby boomers face a serious problem: they are on the edge of retirement without a plan for structuring their post-career financial picture. They realize they face a future of living without a paycheck, and they are worried that without careful planning, they will lose what accumulated assets they’ve managed to save over the years. So what should they invest in?

Real Estate 2013 Investment Outlook

To start 2013, all predictive indicators show that we have passed the bottom of the real estate cycle, and have turned the corner toward a buyers’ market. Investors who have been waiting to time the market are currently poised to capitalize on one of the best acquisition opportunities we have seen.

Rigourous Underwriting-The New Normal?

We often counsel our clients through the frustrations surrounding loan requirements; the anxiety from this scrutiny can be intense, especially when borrowers are asked to submit the same information over and over again.