104 – Red Flags

The Dark Side of Real Estate – Part Two

Several clients have contacted me over the last few days to discuss a recent article about investors picking up homes "by the dozen." People are really intrigued by the idea of picking up $500 houses. What could go wrong?

DIY – Viewing Your Investment Through the Wrong Glasses?

DIY Investing? A look at how primary home ownership, coupled with playing the role of buyer, renovator and investor, can blur the lines of real estate investing and how one evaluates success.

Property Management – Are You in Good Hands?

These three key factors can make a difference in your investment property returns, especially when you invest out of state (where the cash flow is often best).

Risky Business – Five Factors to Mitigate

Investing in all forms entails a certain amount of risk, and it is well known to investors that investments that have more risk associated with them tend to yield greater returns. The challenge---and the opportunity--- is to mitigate risk through knowledge and managing those risks that are controllable.

The Dark Side of Real Estate: Life Outside the Sweet Spot

Deals too good to be true? Thinking about doing it yourself? Before you invest in risky investment real estate, consider the real cost of a bad investment.