102 – How To Invest

How Should Baby Boomers Invest?

Many baby boomers face a serious problem: they are on the edge of retirement without a plan for structuring their post-career financial picture. They realize they face a future of living without a paycheck, and they are worried that without careful planning, they will lose what accumulated assets they’ve managed to save over the years. So what should they invest in?

Ideal Investment Real Estate Neighborhoods – Science or Intuition

Identifying excellent investment property neighborhoods requires a combination of art and science. Here's how to study the data as well as "gut check" your potential income property neighborhoods.

Four Key Factors for Quality Property Management

Finding a quality property management company can be tough but it could also mean the difference between superior cash flow and a management mishap. Here's a simple checklist for investors to consider when researching property management companies for their investment income properties.

Student Investing 101

How can a young college student with money in a savings account fast track to a season investor? With good advice, and a trusted team, it is easier than you may think to get started. Here's a story from a young USC senior with two investment properties of her own.

Real Estate Investing in College Towns – Things to Consider

Does higher education equal a smart choice? Consider these five important factors to consider before investing in college towns. These include rent ratio, tenant selection, location, vacancy, and property management.