Increased Monthly Cash Flow. Improved Return on Investment. Deferred Capital Gains Taxes.

There are a few of the many powerful results an investor can receive in using the process of a 1031 Exchange. To ensure that our investors can confidently take advantage of this process, The Meridian 1031X Resource Center is here as your guide to understanding the rules, techniques and opportunities of what can be a confusing landscape of deadlines, terms and transactions.

A 7 Step Guide to Choosing Your 1031 Exchange Service

Real estate investors seeking to preserve the value of their assets, may find a 1031 exchange an excellent solution. With a 1031 exchange, owners of investment real estate can [...]

Advantages of Hiring the Right Property Management Company

Real estate investment requires careful consideration and long­term planning.   The buyer must consider the cash flow, investments, expenses, tenant leases and [...]

Do You Qualify for ‘Like Kind’ Property Exchange?

Bartering property by way of a Section 1031 like kind exchange could benefit you. It could provide you with the resources you need that could later help you make a profit. [...]