Increased Monthly Cash Flow. Improved Return on Investment. Deferred Capital Gains Taxes.

There are a few of the many powerful results an investor can receive in using the process of a 1031 Exchange. To ensure that our investors can confidently take advantage of this process, The Meridian 1031X Resource Center is here as your guide to understanding the rules, techniques and opportunities of what can be a confusing landscape of deadlines, terms and transactions.

3 Important Questions for Your Future Qualified Intermediary

Naturally there are a host of great advantages to purchasing a 1031 Exchange Property.   This type of property attracts a number of investors because it is similar to [...]

4 Tax Benefits of a 1031 Real Estate Exchange

There are significant tax benefits when you take advantage of a 1031 tax­deferred real estate exchange. Through a 1031 exchange, real estate owners can defer capital [...]

5 Little Known Facts that Could Affect Your 1031 Tax Deferment

A 1031 tax deferred exchange involves trading two in­kind properties.  The two properties do not necessarily have to be identical. It is important to understand how [...]