Advantages of Using Meridian in a 1031 Exchange

Meridian has a track record of helping investors identify, analyze and close successfully on 1031 exchange properties which offer:

  • Stable Returns in Quality Neighborhoods
  • Turnkey Investments with Affordable Entry Prices
  • Easy Due Diligence with Fast, Non-Competitive Closings
  • Professional In-House Property Management
  • Capital Reallocation for Increased Investor ROI
  • Cash & Mortgage Boot Solutions

We partner with 1031 Exchange investors and accommodators to find 1031 exchange replacement properties to improve cash flow in a full reallocation or make use of any remaining boot leftover in during an exchange.

Below are two like kind 1031 exchange examples which so how an investor can take the proceeds from a sale and use them to identify and acquire 1031 exchange properties.