Meridian Pacific Properties, Inc.

is a Premium, Turnkey Real Estate Operator Specializing in High-Yield, Class-A Investments

Performing Market

Memphis, TN offers a unique combination of stable market appreciation, strong gross rent multipliers, and solid economic and industry infrastructure.

Market Advantages

Area features include a large tenant demographic (45% of population rents), low cost of living, and diversified economy across multiple industries.

Premium Properties

Properties are located in attractive neighborhoods that draw long-term tenants seeking comparable rental housing in the area.

Quality Renovations

Meridian renovations are designed to raise property values, attract tenants, and ensure long-term durability while protecting against future maintenance costs.

Quality Management

Meridian places qualified tenants and provides continuing in-house management as part of its cash flow rental strategy.

Proactive Communication

Polices include swift and cost-efficient maintenance response and timely communication between tenant and investor.

Stable Investments

Annual cash-on-cash returns average 7-10%* and leveraged internal rates of return (IRR) exceeding 15%* per year over a ten-year hold period.

Appreciation Analysis

*The calculations and data presented herein are deemed to be accurate, but accuracy is not guaranteed. The projected pro forma returns on investment are intended for the purpose of illustrative projections to facilitate analysis and are not guaranteed.

Introduction to Meridian – Local Operator

Meridian acquires, renovates, leases, manages and sells A-Class, single family investment properties and portfolios with a focus on Memphis, TN.
  • Meridian provides investors a premium, turnkey, single family real estate solution, including first-rate property management.
  • Ideal for private investors, asset managers, REIT’s, and family offices seeking premium SFR portfolios ranging in size from $500K-$3.0M.
  • Meridian provides stabilized investments with annual cash-on-cash returns.

Customer Testimonials

Read what our Investors are saying about Meridian Pacific Properties


Owns Eighteen Properties
“I felt right from day one that they were more interested in the success of their investors than they were in their own sales.”


Owns Five Properties
“When Meridian says they’re going to call, they’re going to call. When they say they’re going to close, they’re going to close.”


Owns Ten Properties
“The experience has been positive…they’ve made the investment very easy and very simple to work with. It’s essentially writing the check [and] working with them. It’s a very fast turnkey process.”


Independent Financial Advisor
“They’ve always exceeded my expectations. One of the most important things to me…is to have a positive investment experience. I think [investors] have the highest probablity of achieving that with Meridian.”

Meridian Pacific, Founded by Investors for Investors

UL7A5255Meridian Pacific Properties, Inc. was founded in 2006 by Jeffery King and Kevin Conlon, two former military members with over 40 years of combined professional experience in high technology. Meridian operates from two offices with two excellent teams. Our office in San Diego,CA manages all Investment Sales, Marketing and Business Operations while our second office in Memphis, TN manages our Acquisitions, Renovations, Construction, and Property Management.

Jeff and Kevin met at Palomar Technologies (formerly Hughes Aircraft), where they worked together as senior executives for nearly a decade. As colleagues, they discovered they shared a mutual interest outside of work: real estate investment. Over the years, each observed that the real estate in their personal portfolios earned the highest after-tax returns with the lowest year-over-year volatility in comparison to other investment methods. However, Jeff and Kevin also realized that many investors hesitated to invest confidently in real estate due to the time requirements needed to “get it right.” Most investors simple cannot not spare the significant hours and personal risk needed to gain the necessary knowledge to identify, acquire, and manage successful real estate investments.

Thus, the two founded Meridian in order to provide investors with first-class real estate investment opportunities while releasing them from the burden of having to learn all the necessary industry knowledge themselves.

Meridian is a premium real estate operator specializing in High-Yield, Class-A, turnkey investment properties for investors requiring strong risk-adjusted returns. Read More
We give our clients peace of mind in their financial future through smart investment strategy and strong cash flow investment opportunities. Read More
Meridian provides clients with a comprehensive real estate investment experience: Submarket Analysis & Acquisition, Renovation & Construction, Property Due Diligence, Financing & Processing, Leasing & Property Management, and Disposition. Read More
Meridian is happy to answer investor questions about real estate investing, the Meridian business model, and real estate investment opportunities at large. Contact Us
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